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Minimum orders apply.
£60.00 for U.K orders/£120.00 for orders outside U.K

Gold Plating Solutions

At Goldgenie, we use more than the MAXIMUM GOLD CONTENT PER LITRE than anybody else in our gold solution does. This is to enhance your work to produce optimum SHINE, BRIGHTNESS AND DURABILITY. It is due to this that supplying industries leading gold plating solutions since 1995 doesn’t come as a surprise. Our gold solution plates SUPER FAST hardwearing finishes in a matter of seconds—regardless of extreme weather conditions, whether hot or cold—it doesn’t wear. Our solutions are ideal for plating all kinds of surface including; stainless steel, copper, nickel, silver, zinc and brass. Create a flawless finish, Guarantee the length of life of your work, Create the best impression and let your customers trust you by using Goldgenie gold plating solutions.

Customise 100’s of everyday items
in 24k Gold, Rose Gold and Rhodium