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Luxury Gifts Guide Under £1,000

Giving gifts doesn’t have to be precedented by an occasion; you can give a gift out of love and concern for the recipient. But when giving gifts to people like your girlfriend/boyfriend, pregnant spouse, boss, parents, husband, and other people you hold in high regard, a luxury gift is always the best option.

Now, people often think that luxury is associated with millions of pounds, but it usually isn’t so, with under £1,000, you can get the perfect luxury gift for those you love. It is your girlfriend’s birthday and you present her with a 24k gold plated rose. Think about the feelings and emotions you must have roused in her. Continue under this guide to find the perfect gifts, all under £1,000.

Solid Gold iPhone 12

Luxury Gifts Under £1,000

24K Gold Bullion Ashtray

24K Gold Bullion Ashtray



Giving a luxury ashtray to your husband or wife or your boss or just about any close friend you hold in high esteem to hold their cigar will go a long way to show how much you care about them to have thought of a reasonable gift and at the same time efficient and luxurious.  With little less than £100, you can purchase a 24k gold bullion ashtray, cost of shipping non-inclusive.

24k Gold & Platinum Roses

We all know that flowers are a weakness generally attributed to women, especially when the flowers are roses. Roses happen to signify love, so when you give a rose, it is as good as a love declaration.

Our roses are real roses preserved in 24k gold, making them the perfect gift to declare eternal love to the woman holding your heart. With less than £200, you can purchase 24k gold and platinum roses of white, pink, red, purple.

24k Gold And Platinum Roses

24k Gold Ping Golf Putter

24k Gold Ping Golf Putter


Imagine getting a customized 24k gold ping gold putter for your husband. You have just made him the celebrity boy of the boys at the golf club.  With less than £400, you can make your husband feel like the only man in the world.

24k Gold USB


Everyone uses a USB cable, and I believe everyone will agree that a 24k gold USB is a most thoughtful luxury gift. You have thought of what they will often need, and you also made it into a luxury gift. I mean, who doesn’t adore gold? You can purchase this for less than £400.

24k Gold USB
Gold & Platinum Roses

All of these gifts are accompanied by a certificate of originality that not only proves the authenticity of the items but also provides a guarantee that the product is of life-long existence. On the site, you will find structured means of payment that makes it easy for you to make payment. At Goldgenie, we also take payment in cryptocurrencies. To see more of the products Click Luxury Gifts

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