Gold Plating Opportunities

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Become a Goldgenie
Certified Professional

Our gold plating package gives you Goldgenie accreditation, find out more about this exciting opportunity here!

Gold Plating Kits

Gold plating kits for business & hobbyists, customize items in gold, silver, rhodium and chrome, more info here:

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Gold Plating & Metal Finishing Specialists

Goldgenie specialise in the customisation of all metals and some plastics. Our range of gold plating finishes include, 24k, 22k, 18k, Antique, Rose gold, Rhodium as well as Silver and Chrome plating.

As gold plating and metal finishing specialists we can provide mirror shine, satin or brush designer finishes. So, whether it’s a piece of jewellery a watch, bathroom fittings and accessories such as towel rails, shower units, car parts or religious artefacts, Goldgenie are well equipped to provide you with a quality and efficient range of services.

In most cases your items can be customised and returned within 7 working days, depending on complexity of the item.

Please use enquiry form above to send images and requirements of item you would like to have customised.