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Does 18k Gold Plated Turn Your Skin Green?

Gold Plated Turn Your Skin Green

Does 18k Gold Plated Turn Your Skin Green?

18 karat gold is referred to as Solid Gold. This is because it is the best and is the highest quality of gold after the 24k gold. The 24 karat gold is excellent, but it is very soft, can scratch easily, is very bright in colour, etc. The 24k gold is mixed with some alloy, about 25%, which leaves the gold at least 75% of the entire jewel; this makes up and produces the 18k gold. Making it easier to work with and on.


This explains that the more metal added to 24k or pure gold, the lesser the karat of gold. For instance, when the alloy percentage is raised to about 40%, with gold being about 60%, we have 14 karat gold. When it is both about 50%, we have the 12k gold, which its millesimal finesse is 500. However, the 18 and 14 karat gold have been debated on being the best, but if you’re a person who loves quality, is detailed and careful, not just 18k would be suitable for you, even the 24k would be perfect for your honourable self. You can take a look at our gold bullion ingot pendant at 


The 18k gold and higher purity would speak your class and, at the same time, save your skin. 18k gold is the most popular luxury watch, rings, earrings, etc., now. Its very bright yellow colour from 24k gold is toned down to give the jewellery a very dainty look. This is why it is primarily purchased in engagements and weddings rings.

Any Disadvantage of Skin Irritation In 18k Solid Gold?

Since the 18k gold is almost pure and doesn’t need formulations to extend its life span, there is minimal risk of skin irritation. Other fake or very cheap gold can cause skin irritation, such as making the skin turn green. So when your skin turns green after putting on new jewellery, you can be sure it’s some very low-quality gold.


The green skin shows faster depending on the acidic level of the metal and the amount of interaction with your skin. When the acids come in contact with sweat especially, it forms a salt compound that is usually green and reflects on the skin, following discovery.com findings. It isn’t an allergy but more of chemicals reacting to one another. Redness, itches, rashes etc., usually characterize skin allergies.


An allergy is a medical and internal configuration of one’s body such that there is a hypersensitive reaction to a particular allergen. One major thing that has caused allergy as regards skin and jewellery is nickel. It’s been researched to be the lasting cause of skin issues when it comes to jewellery. It has some effects in other areas too. It contains some formulations that very many people all over the world are commonly allergic to. Although there are ways to manage this allergy, the best recommendation is to stay away from it as possible.

Staying Away From Green Skin Turning Golds

How do you then stay away from these green skin turning golds? It is by getting solid gold which is hypoallergenic. Please note that it is crucial to check its stamp to know which you are buying when buying gold—wanting to plate your jewellery in solid gold? Hop on to our fully encrypted site, goldgenie.com, now.