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Frequently asked questions about Goldgenie gold plating services.

Is it a difficult skill to learn?

Firstly, you are not required to possess any skill to be a gold plater. Moreover, skills can be taught. No prior skill is required to plate metals with any finish be it gold, silver. Secondly, Take it as an online or physical course whose syllabus you can run through within 2 hours and after you are done, you will plate the same way as a person who has been plating for years. So gold plating is not difficult as long as you are interested.

Is the opportunity range for gold plating small or big?

Very big. Our kits are of the best quality and you can be assured that no retail shop will offer quality remotely close to yours and with Goldgenie rigidly supporting you, you will be able to take your business to whatever extent you desire. Around the world, over 800 billion gifts are purchased in a year, of those 800 billion gifts being purchased about 500 billion of it is in jewelry and of that 500 billion jewelry, over 200 billion of it is in metal form. So yes, there is a very wide range of opportunity for gold plating.

Is Aluminum plateable?

Aluminum is slightly more complicated and requires more practice for mastery of this metal but it is plateable. Reason why it is more complicated is that Aluminum oxidizes after pre treatment making an immersion plating with Zincate necessary before plating.

Can items in In-situ be plated?

In-situ items can be easily plated with our systems, like the badges on cars or taps that have been fixed. Yes, item in in-situ can be plated. While using our electro-plating kits, areas you do not require to be plated will not be plated. Once you have finished the job, just wipe the finished with soft cloth and you are done.

Can Non-Conductive items be plated?

All electro plating require conductivity to carry the low electrical current that allows the plating process to be possible. In the case of non-conductive items, the only way to plate them will be to coat the surface with a conductive paint. These are usually copper or silver. But this process is very complex and requires a lot more practice and is usually not supported by goldplating solutions.

How do I offer my services to the trade?

All you need to do is to offer a gold plating service to the trade. They will display two or more of your products that have been gold plated and when a customer makes a purchase from them, they ask if the customer wants it gold plated. Which will intrigue very many people and once that is agreed on, they contact you and arrange for you to collect the item for plating. You are not directly involved in the sales process and you have an effective marketing team working for you. The trade you could offer your services to are car manufacturers, Phone manufacturers, metal works.

How easy is Gold Plating?

Gold plating is the easiest of all the plating metals there is. It is also the most popular as opposed to silver, chromium, nickel and copper. It also brings the most income of the lot. You just have to keep in mind the solution to start with and finish with.

Is the Gold for gold plating expensive?

Gold being the most malleable metal and ductile, a single gram of gold can be beaten into a sheet of a square meter or an ounce into 300 square feet and it only cost a small amount to obtain the gold.
Using the Goldgenie pro100 and Pro 500 Gold plating systems, what other finishes can I plate?
The magnificent Goldgenie Pro 100 and Pro 500 Gold plating systems can be used for both BRUSH and TANK finishing and they will plate GOLD, SILVER, RHODIUM, NICKEL, CHROME AND COPPER.

What is the profit margin of gold plating?

To goldplate the badge of a set of car cost 8 pounds and takes 40 minutes to an hour and you charge 100 pounds which is the trade price, you will have earned 92 pounds. Think of the many others who own cars and discover that they can plate for a cheap amount or gift shops that haven’t thought to make unique their products by gold plating them or all the people who could custom make gold plating items to give as luxury gifts. For gold plating services, please click on the link https://www.goldgenie.com/gold-plating-services/

Asides from gold plating solution, we also sell other solutions and finishes for pen plating, brush plating and tank plating and they include; Rose Gold solution, Silver plating solution, Copper solutions, Rhodium solution, Activators, Thickeners. Visit https://www.goldgenie.com/gold-plating-solutions/ to access the our full offers. We can guarantee extra high standards as our gold plating solutions are designed with your interest at heart. You are our top priority and our duty to you lies in you being able to provide excellent gold plating results, regardless of what you are plating. Our products are of high quality and have been duly tested to be the best of the best.

With our product, not only will you be confident that the surface you have plated is layered with uniformity, you will also stay informed of how much gold solution you have left and what it will take you to