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Can You Shower With Gold Plated Jewellery?

Shower With Gold

Gold is found in the ground and rock deposits. From time to time, rain falls on them in these places, and for tens or hundreds of years, it keeps falling on them, but it doesn’t reduce their quality. They are nuggets that are pretty receptive to water. So, essentially, one should be able to shower with gold jewellery since it has always been exposed to water after all.

Shower With Gold Jewellery

Notwithstanding, after it is mined and then plated on another base metal, this level of receptiveness automatically reduces. It now depends on the quality of your gold plated jewellery. If it is solid gold plated jewellery, then congratulations, maybe you can shower with it. But if it is a thinly layered or low-quality gold plated item, showering with it might not be a good idea. First, this is because the thin layer of gold will begin to rub off, and it does quickly. It isn’t real gold and so does not contain the capacity of real gold. The nickel and some chemicals such as chlorine would also begin to react to water which can cause your jewellery to tarnish.

Effect Of Soaps and Lotions On Gold Plated Jewellery

As stated, showering with your gold plated jewellery might not be the major issue. Maybe if it were just water, one might stand a chance of not losing one’s gold jewel, at least quickly. Showering, however, is only for solid gold plated jewellery and does not apply to low quality plated jewellery. They are ordinarily affected by water and so are not even able to stand other chemical formulations.


For solid gold plated jewellery, showering with soaps or some other bath gels can reduce the longevity and lustres of your jewellery. The soaps contain chemicals, and they are, most times, dangerously damaging to gold plated jewellery. Some of us can even go-ahead to apply our lotion or cream to our body alongside the gold jewellery. These chemicals are not suitable for gold. They have effects on the jewellery. It might take a while, but no doubt, this improper care would eventually tell on the jewellery over time, no matter the quality.


This results in gold that originally sparkles, whether in sunlight or not, losing its brightness. It would begin to look dull and disperse the beautiful golden look it naturally has. So, the loosing of sparkle and tarnishing is not only possible for thinly plated jewellery, but with improper care, your solid gold plated items might stand this chance; only if they dwell daily in water, soap and some chemicals.


Jewellery is an item that some persons cannot do without when leaving their homes, so it has to be taken care of and adequately. They complement our dressing and sometimes make the whole styling outstanding. Therefore, some persons have suggested that a pool should do if you must get in the water with your jewellery. Although these pools are sometimes treated, they are not harmful like soap. One might not need soap at the pool, and people can notice your solid gold plated neck chain, rings etc., so it’s okay. But when in your bathroom, it is best to put it aside. You are by yourself, and no one can see it, and more importantly, soap wouldn’t get on it. When you are done dressing and have applied your body lotion, SPF, makeup, etc., you can put it back on.


So yes, water can get on your gold plated jewellery, but other abrasive chemicals are strongly not advised.