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Can anything be gold plated?

Can anything be gold plated

Anything can be gold-plated. Just anything at all can be gold plated because gold plating even helps preserve it. Just only if it were possible to gold plate living things, maybe it would have.

Gold automatically adds value to a thing. It makes an ordinary pen extraordinary. For instance, an ordinary pen can be sold for even less than £1, and some refillable ones can be sold for about £5 or less, but a gold pen from Goldgenie can be sold for about £500. Why? The precious 24k gold is malleated into the body, especially with a crystal ballpoint sitting at the top, making it more pretty.

Things that can be gold plated

There’s a wide variety of things that can be gold plated. Goldgenie has a section for different kinds of gold gifts. Starting from phones that are the most standard set of plated items in gold to accessories, they can be coated in gold. Apple Watch is another thing that can be plated in gold with finishing touches in gold, rose gold, platinum, Swarovski crystal, and diamonds. The straps are made from Python Skins in a range of different colours. They also come in two sizes, with the buckles laced with gold. Other things that can be plated in gold regarding tech are iPad, Mac Pros and iMacs, other smartphones like Samsung, Huawei, etc.


Other things that can also be gold plated are flowers. Roses are customized at Goldgenie for a lovely and very unique gift presentation. It is a perfect gift for every occasion. USB is another thing that can be gold plated, and this is a gold bar! Things like ashtrays, arc lighters, I-Ching coins, Zilliqa coins are readily available for you in gold at Goldgenie. You can also gold plate your bicycle. Even for cars, you can gold plate them as well. We especially refer to this as chrome plating. Chrome plating is more of embellishing bigger artefacts in gold. This includes cars, steering, interiors of houses such as chairs, bathtubs, rims, and even exteriors such as doors and gates. Your Role Royce steering wheel can be transformed into a Swarovski bar as well as your Mercedez Benz and other cars. This is a minimal list of the things that can be gold plated. There are many more things on the list of things that can be played in gold and other jewels. These specify real luxury, and it costs nothing in the fortune of those who can.

How to gold plate

We have a gold plating enquiry form that you can fill up on our website. You can also upload an image of whatever you might like for gold-plating with some description. We also have gift cards that can be gotten and are redeemable in our stores or on the site.


When you make orders for your phone, jewels, gift items, or give us already purchased items, you pay for customization service, we gold plate them, and it takes about 7 working days. Irrespective of your region on the globe, we give free shipping. We ship it back to you with DHL.com for no fee at all within and without UK and UAE. Book an appointment to have an exquisite experience.