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Wenta Business Centre
1 Electric Avenue
London, EN3 7XU

Wenta Business Centre
1 Electric Avenue
London, EN3 7XU

Who Are We?

Goldplating.co.uk is part of the Goldgenie group of companies, founded in 1995 we are a London based 24k gold plating business that specialises in gold plating and restoration of all kinds of metallic and some non-metallic items for a range of industries. We undertake all types of large and small scale jobs. Get a quote now.



Gold Plating Services

We have 2.8 metres by 1 metre Gold tank that is ideal for large scale industrial level projects. Our clientele include Interior designers and architects, aviation, automobile, bathroom, religious organisations and jewellers. Our company also utilises a unique brush plating procedure allowing us to “select” gold plate certain areas of your item.

Goldplating.co.uk provide a range of finishes that include 24k Gold, Brush and Satin Gold, Antique Gold, Rose Gold and Rhodium plating. Please see our Gold Plating Gallery

The Gold Plating Specialists

Interior Designers and Architects

Bathroom fittings and accessories

Jewellery and watches

Yachts, Hotels and Corporates

Churches, Temples and Synagogues

Novelty and bespoke items

“We specialise in providing quality micron Gold Plating with a quick turnaround“

Gold Plating Gallery:

Our Gold plating gallery displays the most marvelous, unique luxury gold plated items undertaken by our company, ranging from bathroom fittings, jewellery, interior design, architecture, and religious artifacts. We are also the people to come to for gold plating technology items such as the iPhone and other leading smart phones and tablets.

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