How To Fake It Til You Make It

How To Fake It Til You Make It

In life, there are many ways that you can measure a person’s success. For example, someone could be classed as successful if they have a skill or vocation that they are exceptionally good at, whereas others feel that success is simply a measure of a person’s overall wealth.

Sadly, there is no definitive answer to what success should be measured by in general. It’s no secret that in many respects, the adage “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” rings true.

Sometimes in life, you have to “fake it til you make it”. I’m sure there are many people that have worked hard all their lives to achieve some form of success, but in a lot of cases you have to give influential folks the impression that you are extremely successful in order for them to take you seriously.

If you want to be rich and famous, and perhaps you have got some great business ideas but everyone thinks that you are “small fry”, here are some rather unusual ways to help convince them otherwise!


Wear designer clothes

Let’s face it; if you walked up to a wealthy entrepreneur looking for investment in your new company, and you are dressed wearing a cheap suit that you bought from your local supermarket, you aren’t going to give this person the impression that you are successful.

I know that designer clothes can be expensive, but you can always hire them or wear fake designer gear. Remember, first impressions count, so your job is to make yourself stand out from the crowd – but in a good way!


Be nothing short of confident

You might hate meeting new people or dislike social gatherings, but if you want to meet your desired goals, you will need to be super-confident in yourself!

Be the person that takes charge of situations, the one that leads and doesn’t follow, the person whose names will be on everyone’s lips!


Hire an exotic or luxurious car

Let’s say that you have managed to secure a meeting with a very wealthy and influential business person. Don’t turn up to the meeting in your rusty Ford Mondeo! Instead, go out and hire an exotic or luxurious car such as the Bentley Continental GT pictured at the beginning of this blog post.

Not only does this give potential investors in your ideas the impression that you are worth a few quid, but it also shows that you are not afraid of letting people know this. Just don’t go overboard and turn up in a Ferrari or Lamborghini!


Gold plate your iPhone

A bizarre concept to some, but if you want to mingle with the rich and famous, consider getting your Apple iPhone smartphone gold plated!

We all know that the iPhone isn’t exactly a cheap mobile phone and is the preferred communication tool of many entrepreneurs. So why not build on that fact by having an awesome conversation starter – a gold plated iPhone!

Everyone loves the look and feel of gold, and when people see you using your gold plated iPhone, they will know you are a person that isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd and make a statement.

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